International Students: Muslim Backgrounds

Arab vs. American Culture

Discuss the values listed and turn it into an activity! Ask the student(s) if they agree with each comparison and see if they can offer some more!


Sharing Jesus Stories

China, India, and South Korea may lead in the numbers of students studying in the United States, but the number of students from Saudi Arabia pursuing education in the US is gradually increasing over the years. Many may be on your campus. We will be featuring more resources to help share with Muslim students.

Here are some stories about Jesus that may be best to share with Muslims.

God’s Beloved Booklet


“God’s Beloved features six New Testament stories to help you break the ice and point Muslim women to Christ.”

We have these as audio recordings in English and Lebanese voiced Arabic. Please contact us and we can provide them for you! The booklets are also available for free at:

Faith Comes By Hearing • New Testament Audio Books

Available here and by request.

50 Old Testament Stories Recordings • Lebanese voiced Arabic

Available by request.

“There is power in praying Scripture. When we study the lives of Hagar and Ishmael and promises related to the descendants of Ishmael, we find that the Lord has had a unique plan for their descendants. These are promises that we can claim and pray for our Muslim friends.”

Pray the Promises of Ishmael  (Download)

Did God Keep His Eternal Promises to Ishmael (Download)

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